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The life of the potato, lemon, and the oil rig.

T3h 1337ur8

The P.L.O.R.
Random Stories/Stories of our life. :D
Jeremy Sniffs Kok
T3h 1337ur8

Suprised? I thought not.

What the hell is a 1337ur8 ?

The man behind the Elite.

Why, it's quite simple, my dyslexic friend.
A 1337ur8 is a literate person (One that utilizes grammar and spelling), but speaks and understands "moron."
Example of "moron" speak: hey wtf do u liek 2 hav sex i do lolz
The above example is also known as Chatspeak or Netspeak. I like to call it moron.
1337ur8 people also talk like this: LOLZ HEY KAN I HAVES UR BABIES LOZL!!ONE@#!!77@!!SHIFT+ONE!!# . Why? Because this is how we determine who can and cannot understand sarcasm. Even those that speak moron do not speak like that. It is obvious the person speaking 1337ur8 is intelligent.

Who is behind t3h 1337ur8 ?
Well, for starters, you may call me John. I am the brother of this site's own "kok" sniffer.
I love the three G's: Grammar, Games, and Girls.
I hate netspeak and morons.
You may be thinking: "Well, you all seem pretty dumb on this site."
There is a difference between acting dumb and being born dumb. We're acting. We have common sense (Some of us more than others). You want to try and outsmart me? Try it; I usually need a good laugh.
Who else is t3h 1337ur8 ?
If you're watching any Halo 2 videos, I'm the man on the top or top-left screen. I have many profiles: t3h 1337ur8, Jewinator, Nazinator, El Lemon Cannon, Happy Grenade, and Sir Fagalot.
I also made the game variants that we so-often play.
If we even decide to play something else, I'm Falco in Super Smash Brothers Melee, Krystal in Star Fox: Assault, or Cassandra/Nightmare in Soul Calibur II.
Where can I find you, oh great 1337ur8 ?
If we're not taping, I'm usually on, under the profile [Perfekt Spellar]
I'm also out throwing cinder blocks at people. Coming soon to a town near you!

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