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The life of the potato, lemon, and the oil rig.

The P.L.O.R.
Random Stories/Stories of our life. :D
Jeremy Sniffs Kok
T3h 1337ur8
This is a site where you will learn what really goes on in the life of the lemon, the potato, and the oil rig. Not many people have seen our hyperness side, so we decided to produce it as a website.

Enjoi, everyone.

[-Jeremy the potato-]

When life hands us lemons, we: A) Make beef stew, B) Find people with cuts, and C) Put them in a potato launcher, but lemons dont work that well in potato launchers, so Im going to make a lemon launcher. Then, I can go by the train tracks and launch them at the trains, but they still dont work as good as potatoes. Man, I love potatoes. Baked potatoes with sour cream and cheese. And speaking of cheese, dont you just like cows? I mean, who would have thought, "Man, I want to drink stuff that comes out of this thing's utters!" Seriously, that guy must have bee... oh, sorry. I went rambling again.


Its the new kind of cereal: Emo-O's.
Now you can actually eat sadness for breakfast, lunch, and/or dinner.


Whoopdie do. Email uszors!!!11![shiftone]eleven